Tour Overview

This tour offers you the best of Kenya which lie along the equator in East Africa.Being the origin country of safaris which started in this locations during early colonial influence.

It offer unique attractions which are world re-knowned and unrivalled in terms of their beauty and true nature at it’s best.Below is a brief account of what to expect….

Best of Kenya Safaris

Day 1: Arrival – Kenya

You start your tour in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital where you have a chance to experience true magical kenya offerings from birds paradise the pink flamingoes in

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park, situated in the Rift Valley, was created in 1968 to protect the enormous flocks of over a million of the lesser and greater flamingos, giving it the characteristic pink rim.The park is not only home to the flamingos but to more than 400 species of birds. It is one of the few places to see the endangered white and black rhino. Other wildlife at the park includes lions, leopards, zebras, gazelles, eland, the rare Rothschild giraffe and the hyrax.

Masai Mara wildbeast migration

Masai Mara wildbeast migration that has been recognised as 7th wonder of the world due to the natural spectacle occurence.Covering an area of some 700 square miles in the southwestern corner of Kenya, the Maasai Mara is blessed with an astounding concentration of animals and panoramic vistas across the woodlanddotted plains. The Maasai Mara provides an unsurpassing experience. As the northern extension of the Serengeti grassland, the reserve is host to an annual migration of over a million wildebeests; themost awesome spectacle on planet Earth

Lewa Down Conservancy in Samburu Plains

Lewa Down conservancy in samburu plains full of splendor due to great scenery.Founded in 1995, LWC spans 62,000 acres and serves as a catalyst for conservation across northern Kenya. Lewa holds 12 percent of Kenya’s black rhino population and boasts the single largest population of Grevy’s zebras in the world.

Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park awaits you land of elephants and enchantment.Amboseli National Park offers one of the most classic and breathtaking views of Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, rising 19,340 feet dominating the plains like a powerful god ruling the world from his silver throne

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