Kenya Camping Safaris

A Camping Safari to Kenya is a wonderful choice for adventure. Kenya is located within the wildlife-rich East Africa, bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Kenya has been remarkably one of the growing tourist destinations in East Africa, with the country having a wide variety of wildlife to offer.

During the day, you will explore the national park, scouting for the Big Five together with your guide in a Toyota Land Cruiser. Experience impressive wildlife sightings and admire vast landscapes. When the sun sets, you will head back over the bumpy roads to your campsite to dust off and spend the night.

We offer camping safaris as group tours on set dates or as private tours on individual dates.

Night time is a very special time on the campsite. Relax by the fire, sipping a drink and gazing at the endless starry night sky while chatting to your fellow travellers about the day’s adventures. You will notice how the sounds of the day fade and are replaced by the songs of the night birds, snapping of branches and with a little bit of luck the roar of a lion in the distance.