What is a Lodge & a Camp?

This accommodation is available on wildlife circuits mostly in game reserves and national parks. They offer quite the same ameneties as that of hotel especially the lodges arrangement where as the difference with camps is that they offer equal essential facilities as lodges difference is they are tentented but very comfy indeed.Camps are quite standardized to meet any international standards according to it’s rating starting from two stars to five stars luxury tented camps.

Here are a few of the Lodges/Camps that we partner with;

The Lion Hill Lodge -Nakuru Circuits

The Lion Hill Lodge, perched high on a hilltop, enjoys a commanding view of the Lake. From the swimming pool you can see all the way across the park to the Lake, with its fluffy edging of pink flamingoes. Frequently, other animals are also in view, some coming right up to the edge that environs the lodge’s compound. The National Park is a sanctuary for the Rothschild’s Giraffe and the White & Black Rhinos.

Amboseli Serena Lodge – Amboseli Circuits

At Amboseli Serena Lodge, a Maasai theme dominates. The Lodges terracotta colors and rounded shapes, with a décor using natural material in extraordinary ways resemble the traditional dwellings of the natives of this area. This is a perfect example of how modernization can be harmonized with tribal settings. The pool, main bar and outdoor terraces overlook the green grasses of the lodge’s waterhole where herds of Elephant, Wildebeest and Antelope graze just a few feet away under a floodlight at night.

we will keep updating and increasing,more Lodges