Zanzibar Beach Safaris

There is no better holiday option than to combine the best of both. Start with a few days on Zanzibar and feel the relaxation set in. Let go of worries and tension whilst enjoying the pristine beaches of the exotic Island.

Zanzibar is also an island of culture, history and art. Stroll through the cobbled alleyways of the historic Stone town and as you pass by one of the many palace ruins and Persian baths, it is impossible not to be captivated by the strong Arabian influence and the romanticism of the Island.

The coastal regions are the perfect places to relax and rejuvenate. Now that you are rested it is time for adventure and new input; travel to mainland Tanzania and be captivated by what nature has to offer. Discover one or more of Tanzania’s national parks and game reserves and meet their inhabitants. Nearly half of the country (40%) is assigned to wildlife conservation, and wildlife viewing is beyond magnificent; ranging from the Wildebeest Migration, the Big Five, the big cats, the African wild dog and everything in between. Every park and reserve has its speciality!

After these very exciting days, spend some more lazy days along stretches of white sandy beaches on Zanzibar, dive into the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean, or explore the underwater world surrounding the island by trying out a dive or snorkelling tour. Allow time to stand still before returning to daily life.