Tour Overview

Zanzibar Beach Safaris offer a perfect blend of pristine beaches, rich cultural experiences, and historical charm on the enchanting Spice Island. Typically combined with a mainland safari, these beach getaways provide a relaxing retreat after the excitement of wildlife adventures. Visitors can explore Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its narrow winding streets, vibrant markets, and historical sites.

Zanzibar’s beaches, such as Nungwi, Kendwa, or Paje, boast powdery white sands and turquoise waters, ideal for water activities like snorkeling, diving, or simply lounging by the ocean. Spice tours, visits to spice plantations, and boat trips to nearby islands add cultural and scenic dimensions to the Zanzibar Beach Safari, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable vacation in this tropical paradise.

Zanzibar Beach Tours:

Zanzibar-The Spice Island

This island on Tanzania’s north coast has lured travelers for centuries, and it was the influence of the Shirazi Persians and the Omani Arabs that has lingered mostly on the island. Known as the spice Island and the largest producer of cloves, Zanzibar’s east coast beaches are superb you can explore the spice and fruit plantations and visit Jozani Forest.
Best of all is the old stone town of Zanzibar. It’s a cluster of winding streets lined with whitewashed coral houses, bazaars, mosques, fortresses, two former sultan’s palaces, two huge cathedrals and faded colonial mansions all vividly evoking the islands long history.

Zanzibar Half day spice tour

Zanzibar best known as the ‘spice island’ was the centre for the slave trade in East Africa and base for David Living stone’s expeditions into the unexplored African interior. Smell full of the aroma of cloves and other spices, which still provide a livelihood for many people of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Half day Prison island tour

Also known as ‘Prison Island’, it’s the most famous of the offshore islands. This island was once owned by an Arab who used it for rebellious slaves. Later it was sold to general Mathews who converted it into a prison. However it has never been used as such. The island is also home to giant tortoises which are supposed to have been brought over from Aldabra – an Atoll off the Seychelles. The small beach disappears at high tide, but it is superb to swim in the crystal clear water with splendid coral reefs. The island itself is well-forested, nice for a walk, an ideal place for a day trip.

Zanzibar Half day Jozani forest tour

A small National Park centrally located on the island. It is the last remaining sanctuary for the Red Colobus Monkey.

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